Eco-friendly composites

Jonam Composites Ltd has developed innovative technology for the economic manufacture of green composites. They are more environmentally friendly than conventional methods as they:
Use of reclaim/recycled plastic
The use of recycled plastic using conventional technology is restricted due to the deterioration in mechanical properties when compared to the virgin material. Generally use of recycled material is restricted to a maximum of ~10% of the total in conventional processing. However, the new technology developed by Jonam Composites Ltd relies on the continuous glass fibres to provide the strength so the use of recycled plastics is not a disadvantage, so 100% recycled plastic can be used. The technology allows the development of more efficient products, and new products for new markets enabling the wider use of recycled plastics.
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The first recycled thermoplastic matrix composite product to be produced were Panda Stix. 98% to 99% of the plastic used in Panda Stix is recycled- the balance consists of UV stabilisers to protect from the sun's rays and pigment. Jonam Composites now make Visibilistix and Eco-rods from recycled plastic and glass fibres. Please see our products section for more details.
At the end of their life profiles, made using this technology, can be granulated to form pellets with aligned long-fibre reinforcement. This is a premium product referred to as long fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) used by injection moulders to manufacture products with much better mechanical performance than the polymer alone. The waste during this second round of processing can also be granulated and fed straight back into the process again.
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1st life: pultruded profiles
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2nd life- remoulded
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Jonam Composites has been developing innovative technology to recycle recycled material. This current project involves looking into the optimum process conditions to recycle waste from the production of the recycled plastic products. Testing and evaluation is ongoing.
Efficient manufacture
Another main feature of Jonam Composites's technology is that it uses basic raw materials and converts them in a single process to the final profile. Most competing technologies require the raw materials to be pre-processed or are multi-stage and many require the use of solvents.