Eco Strip coated thermoplastic composite strip

Eco-strip is a solid strip with a strong thermoplastic composite core and a durable thick plastic coating
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  • Made from polypropylene copolymer and E glass fibres
  • Richly coloured in your choice of colour
  • maintenance free
  • A polymer coating prevents splinters
  • Coating welded to the strong core in a single process to form a and will not peel off.
  • Very robust weather-proof, won’t rot, can’t rust, and don’t split
  • Eco-friendly: can be made with 98% of the plastic used is recycled
  • Non-conducting to heat and electricity
  • polymer is fully UV stabilised to ensure longevity
  • coupling agent added to give higher strength composite
  • More robust than conventional fibreglass
  • Can be manufactured to length
  • Mechanical test data coming soon.
Ordering information

Generally made to order to your specification. Small stocks are carried for small orders. To order your Eco-strip- just contact us for more information and a personal quote