Jonam Composites Ltd develop process technology and manufacture unidirectionally reinforced thermoplastic composite profiles and prepregs.

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The experts at Jonam have developed process technology to pultrude thermoplastic composites direct from the polymer melt and fibre tows. This is used to produce profiles and thermoplastic prepreg sheets with continuous unidirectional fibre reinforcement. The main advantages of this process method are:
  • the unprecedented variety of polymer/fibre combinations it can be applied to
  • potential cost-savings of one stage process from basic raw materials to final product
  • ease of incorporating colours, polymer additives and polymer rich surfaces
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See the latest developments and projects on our
news page
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Specialist manufacturing facility
Jonam Composites has three melt pultrusion lines and a line for processing commingled fibres.  Jonam has the capability to process high temperature polymers such as PEEK and PES.
Jonam Composites Ltd also has a test facility to enable the mechanical testing and characterisation of the prepregs and profiles it develops.
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Thermoplastic composite products
Jonam Composites Ltd
manufacture a range of stock and made to order thermoplastic composite prepregs and profiles. These are used in a wide range of markets and applications

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Eco-friendly composites
  • Thermoplastic composites can be recycled and reformed.
  • Our technology allows the use of 100% recycled plastic with little effect on mechanical properties
  • No nasty solvents are used during manufacture
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Technology transfer
Jonam offer a unique one-shop service for developing the process technology to produce your profile or prepreg, producing it in-house, and then transferring the technology to your production facility when the market and product are ready for full exploitation.
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Browse our Web site for more information about Jonam Composites Ltd. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Jonam Composites Ltd representative regarding our products or services then please e-mail us at or call us at +44 1526 860023