History of the company
Jonam Composites was founded in 2007 by two founding directors: Jonathan A.D. Wilcox MIM CEng and Dr Amanda J. Wilcox (nee Longmuir) after they had spent over 45 years combined in the polymer composites industry developing ever more advanced processing technology, composite design and modelling in:
  • extrusion
  • thermoset and thermoplastic pultrusion
  • thermoset and thermoplastic filament winding
  • injection and resin transfer moulding
  • fire performance of composites
  • mechanical testing and modelling of composites
  • heat transfer modelling
  • residual stresses within composites
  • process modelling
 Here they applied their combined experience to develop novel processing technology for the economic manufacture of high performance continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites. This technology produced/ prepregs and profiles with the mechanical performance of traditional fibreglass thermoset composites but with the aesthetics of a glossy, coloured plastic extrusion and with the added benefit of being much tougher.