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Jonam Composites has moved to its production facilities. Please bear with us while we are setting up.
Please note the new phone number +44(0)1526 860023

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Bucking the trend- Jonam exporting to China
Jonam Composites have developed a range of aramid fibre/thermoplastic composites for a Chinese company in a long term project with an aim to setting up in production with technology licence.
New Development: Carbon/Polypropylene prepreg
Stock Profiles available to purchase on line
  • Eco Rods- glass/PP profiles- special offer on short lengths
  • PACG- oval carbon/glass/polyamide profile
Hi Spec-tube profile project
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Project currently centred on carbon/PPS. Have produced short lengths of PPS coated carbon/PPS pultruded tube.
Next stage to upgrade tooling for faster, more-efficient, and consistent quality of tube. This will cost in the region of £50,000.
Following stage: add pullwound layers of carbon/PPS comingled fibres before protective coating. Price on application.
Increasing the fibre volume fraction in prepregs
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Due to customer interest in increasing our range of well-impregnated thermoplastic composite prepregs to make them applicable to higher performance applications, Jonam Composites have started a project to increase the fibre volume fraction across the range of prepregs.
Progress so far- increased to 50% Vf
Next stage is to increase to 60% Vf and ultimately 65% Vf.
Can't wait? then contact us now with your ideal material combination and we can put your specification into the development project.