News from Jonam Composites Ltd

Breaking News
Jonam Composites is in the process of moving its production facilities. Please bear with us while we are setting up.
Please note the new phone number +44(0)1623 824267

We are running low on stocks of Eco rods, Panda Stix and Visibilistix so orders may be delayed. We will be in touch if your order is effected. We are grateful for your patience.
Bucking the trend- Jonam exporting to China
Jonam Composites have developed a range of aramid fibre/thermoplastic composites for a Chinese company in a long term project with an aim to setting up in production with technology licence.
New Development: Carbon/Polypropylene prepreg
Stock Profiles available to purchase on line
  • Eco Rods- glass/PP profiles- special offer on short lengths
  • PACG- oval carbon/glass/polyamide profile
Hi Spec-tube profile project
Project currently centred on carbon/PPS. Have produced short lengths of PPS coated carbon/PPS pultruded tube.
Next stage to upgrade tooling for faster, more-efficient, and consistent quality of tube. This will cost in the region of £50,000.
Following stage: add pullwound layers of carbon/PPS comingled fibres before protective coating. Price on application.
Increasing the fibre volume fraction in prepregs
Due to customer interest in increasing our range of well-impregnated thermoplastic composite prepregs to make them applicable to higher performance applications, Jonam Composites have started a project to increase the fibre volume fraction across the range of prepregs.
Progress so far- increased to 50% Vf
Next stage is to increase to 60% Vf and ultimately 65% Vf.
Can't wait? then contact us now with your ideal material combination and we can put your specification into the development project.