Design and Development Capabilities

At Jonam Composites Ltd we can design and develop our process technologies to manufacture thermoplastic composite profiles and prepreg sheet to the client’s specification. Our capabilities include:
profile design taking into account mechanical, physical, environmental, and aesthetic requirements to deduce dimensions level and placement of reinforcements and coating requirements
materials selection taking into consideration:
  • a wide range of thermoplastics from polyethylene, recycled polypropylene, through biodegradable plastics, polystyrene to high performance plastics such as PEEK and PEI
  • the appropriate choice of reinforcement from continuous glass, carbon, and/or aramid fibres,
  • with surface scrims if appropriate
  • additives such as colours, UV stabilisers, and conductivity promoters
  • inserts such as fibre optics and cables
process design- including bespoke tooling and using one of our three melt pultrusion or co-mingled pultrusion lines
prototype- we have a manufacturing facility to cover all production requirements from the raw materials to the final product

Examples of projects undertaken

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  • PEEK coated carbon fibre reinforced PEEK rod with 4-core cable in long lengths for offshore application
  • PP/glass LFRT (long fibre reinforced thermoplastic) pellet process
  • carbon and aramid fibre reinforced PA6 profile with high precision fibre placement and thin PA6 coating for sport application
  • 50%Vf glass fibre reinforced LDPE prepreg sheet for tape laying process for aerospace applications.
  • carbon fibre reinforced PEI prepreg tape for aerospace application
  • carbon fibre reinforced PCL- (biodegradable plastic) composite profile for a veterinary application
  • glass/PP skinned sandwich panels for a building application
  • glass fibre reinforced PBTalloy prepreg for automotive application
and many more including glass/polystyrene profiles, carbon/PPS prepreg, specialist glass fibres, tapes for laser welding etc etc.

Your project

Contact us now with your requirements. Jonam Composites Ltd will apply its expertise to provide a practical, economically viable route from conception to final manufacture of your product. We can quote you per project or by day rate.