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What is AtenPly Prepreg?
AtenPly Prepregs are thin sheets of continuous reinforcement fibres impregnated with thermoplastic resin. It is made direct from the fibre roving and thermoplastic melt using proprietary technology  developed by Jonam Composites Ltd. This cost-effective efficient process produces light  weight, high-strength ,well impregnated, smooth tape with unidirectional fibre reinforcement.
AtenPly prepreg varieties and options
Just like all Jonam Composites Ltd’s products prepregs can be made from a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers and reinforced with a range of continuous fibres in the colour of your choice as detailed on the products page. AtenPly can be made to different widths and thicknesses. Surface veils or polymer rich surfaces can be incorporated.
Importance of impregnation
High performance applications demand a high quality prepreg with a high degree of impregnation. . The high impregnation allows low pressure moulding giving greater processing flexibility. There are a number of applications that due to the second-stage processing do not require such a high level of impregnation. When this is the case the prepreg tape can be produced at faster line speeds reducing the costs.
Standard thermoplastic prepregs
Due to demand Jonam have created a standard set of prepreg tapes. Some grades are available from stock and others to order- small samples may be available for evaluation.
Stock prepregs
glass/PP copolymer
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Standard made to order prepregs
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AtenPly Made To Order As AtenPly can be made with an incredible variety of combinations of fibre, thermoplastic matrix, and additions most prepreg is made to order. Examples of varieties made so far in addition to those above are:
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  • AtenPlyCPP40 Carbon Fibre/polypropylene prepreg in black
  • carbon/polycaprolactone(PCL biodegredable polymer) 10mm tape
  • carbon/polyetherimide (PEI) 100mm wide tape
  • aramid/polypropylene (PP) 25mm wide tape
  • glass/polyethyelene(PE) 100mm wide tape in a variety of colours
  • glass/polyethyelene(HDPE)100mm wide tape
  • S2 glass/PBT 100mm tape
  • coloured glass/PP 100mm wide tape with fibreglass surface veil
  • glass/PP tape 20mm with conductivity promoter
Please see Jonam news for information on current development programme to increase the fibre volume fraction in prepregs.
Processing of AtenPly  AtenPly is processed by heating above the melting point of the matrix and consolidating with pressure. Since there is no chemical reaction there are no emissions of volatiles. The high level of impregnation in the prepreg allows low pressure moulding for high performance products giving greater processing flexibility.