Prototyping and product development

We have the facilities to:
  • design and model profiles, prepregs and simple composite structures
  • set up and manufacture prototype thermoplastic composite profiles and prepreg, and structures
  • optimise process parameters, using empirical results from prototypes
  • conduct basic mechanical testing etc.
glass/PP laminate plaques
mechanical testing machine
PVC profile reinforced with glass/PET comingled inserts
2km long carbon/PEEK rod with internal cable
glass fibre composites
glass HDPE pipe made from prepre
Projects have included:
  • Specialist sandwich panels using our prepreg for the skins
  • inserting cables and fibre-optics in profiles
  • incorporating tear-resistant fibre scrims on composite sheets
  • machining and modifying profiles with notches, screw-threads, holes etc.

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