Manufacture of advanced thermoplastic composite profiles

Jonam Composites Ltd has developed a range of processing techniques for the economical production of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite products with the aesthetics of a plastic extrusion and the mechanical performance of a traditional fibre reinforced pultrusion.
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continuous glass fibre-reinforced recycled plastic rods with a durable recycled plastic coating. Eco-rods are available from stock.

New! Limited time special offer on short Eco Rods
coated glass/PP thermoplastic composite strip. Eco-strip are available to order cut to desired length.
Carbon and aramid continuous fibre reinforced PA-6 profile with a thin PA-6 coating. PACA is available to order.

Glass-Carbon variant of PACA has been developed. Small lengths available from stock or can be made to order

New: Carbon & Glass fibre version of PACA, the PACG available in short lengths while stocks last.
PACG- carbon& glass fibre polyamide profile: Price includes VAT
Bespoke profiles
The combined expertise within Jonam have produced thermoplastic composite profiles in recycled polyethylene with glass fibres to a carbon fibre PEEK composite profile containing a high-spec cable to a high precision specification and many other combinations too numerous to list in between.
Carbon/PEEK profile with internal cable
Jonam's unique expertise and technology enable us to produce profiles with:

wide choice of thermoplastic matrices offering wide choice of properties
most carbon, glass and aramid reinforcement fibres that can be used and combined
Integral protective, aesthetic, highly coloured coatings giving a splinter-free finish
inserts such as fibre optics, and specialist cables can be incorporated
Process is single stage and continuous so long profiles of consistent quality containing cables can be produced- the only restriction is the length of the continuous fibres.
Profiles have been developed for:
Offshore applications
window and door profile- click for
technical focus paper
sport applications