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Pultrusion of Thermoplastic Composite Profiles and prepregs
Jonam Composites Ltdís process technology produces continuous fibre-reinforced profiles in a single-step process direct from the fibre rovings and the polymer melt with any other additions as required.   Just like all Jonam Composites Ltdís products profiles can be made from a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers and reinforced with a range of continuous fibres in the colour of your choice, with SMART sensors inserted, protective polymer coatings etc. as detailed on the products page. We can design tooling specifically to meet your requirements. All tooling is modular so a whole new set of tooling is unlikely to be required for your application. The surface finish of the profile can also be varied to suit your requirements.With thermoplastic composites there is a much greater degree of flexibility with a profile's composition than with traditional thermoset matrix composites. Not only can the fibre volume fraction be varied over a much wider range from 0 to 65% across the profile but there is also a lot wider choice in terms of the matrix properties giving a much wider performance range than ever before.

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Key to profiles from left to right

Coated glass/PP rods

coated glass/PS rods

coated glass/ PP profile

glass/pp strip

glass/PE prepreg

glass/PET rod with cable core

carbon/PEEk with cable core

coated carbon+aramid/PA profile

plastic coated thermoplastic composite rods

Pultrusions from Commingled Fibres:
Commingled fibres are a precursor with the polymer matrix fibres and reinforcement fibres intermingled. As with all precursors they are only available in a fixed volume fractions, and limited range of colours, polymer types, additives etc. Although they offer less flexibility and are significantly more expensive raw material than those used with our technology they can be a cost-effective route for prototypes as the tooling is less complicated. Interested? Then please contact us for more details of profiles and quotes.

plastic coated thermoplastic composite rods

Made to Order Profiles
Due to the number of options in terms of colour, fibre volume fraction etc that Jonam Composites Ltd can vary within any profile- no profile can be really labelled as standard. Jonam Composites concentrate on making bespoke profiles to order but don't let that put you off as we do pride ourselves on fast turnaround. Jonam Composites Ltd do carry limited stock of some popular combinations of profiles. Please contact us for more details of profiles and quotes

plastic coated thermoplastic composite rods

Stock Profiles
A range of rod profiles made from reclaimed PP and reinforced with continuous glass fibres with a glossy plastic coating available in a range of colours are kept in stock.

plastic coated thermoplastic composite rods

Design, Development, Prototyping, and Pre-production service
Bewildered by the options? Donít despair. We offer a full development and prototyping service all the way through  to full manufacture.

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