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Jonam Composites Ltd
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Consultancy and Project Management Services

We provide consultancy services finding real practical solutions to problems whether it be in processing, design, materials, manufacture or project management. So whether you are starting from scratch, would just like to improve your process efficiency, or need us to create a composite production facility from scratch, or set up a consortium for composite development- we are here to help.

Our areas of expertise:
   Our areas of expertise cover processing and design of both thermoplastic and thermoset matrix composites. Jonam Composites Ltd has extensive experience and can offer services in the following areas:


  • thermoplastic pultrusion-whether from the raw fibres and plastic melt, prepreg or commingled fibres we have extensive experience in them all.
  • thermoset pultrusion- epoxy, polyester, vinyl-ester etc
  • thermoplastic and thermoset filament winding

Thermoplastic and Thermoset Composite Process development

  • die design
  • equipment design
  • instrumentation
  • optimisation

Process modelling
Composite processing is not the black art that many claim. By understanding the physical principles we create effective process models that help in line design and enable us to reduce tooling costs as fewer iterations if any are needed to get to the optimum solution

  • heat transfer model
  • impregnation mechanics
  • process optimisation

Composite Part design

Project Management
 Our team has a wealth of experience in managing single and multi-client projects up to and over 1million in value and have had experience in obtaining funding and running EU projects, DTI research and development grants.


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