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glass carbon and aramid continuous fibres thermoplastic pultrusion lines thermoplastic composite prepreg carbon/aramid reinforced nylon 6

Jonam Composites Ltd process technology
Jonam Composites Ltd have invented, developed, and are actively marketing process technology for the manufacture of novel advanced thermoplastic composites. We also manufacture profiles using this technology. This technology enables composite profiles to be taken into many new areas that advanced composites have not been able to penetrate before. This is because the profiles are:

  • produced using standard, low cost, readily available capital equipment
  • manufactured using lower cost raw materials
  • able to be reformed
  • produced using a continuous process at higher line speeds than conventional composite processes
  • recyclable and can be made from recycled materials
  • able to be designed to give the required stiffness and strength
  • able to be produced from a wide variety of matrix/fibre combinations to give a wider range of part properties than ever has been available before

Production Set-Up
Jonam Composites Ltd can provide the full service for this advanced technology are available  to enable you to manufacture your own profiles. We will design tooling for your specific profile, conduct production trials, specify required process line equipment, commission your production line, train your staff in its use and keep you up to date with this advanced technology.

Fees are dependent on the complexity of the profile(s), degree of exclusivity required, production volumes etc.
Please contact us with details of your interest and we will be pleased to send you more information

So don't try to reinvent what we have already achieved-
just ask and we will provide you with what you require
 at a fraction of the cost it would take you to copy.

Contact us now for further information

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